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Sterling is guided by a set of principles that form the bedrock of who we are as an organisation and the way we do business. These values are present at every interaction with our clients - every marketing visit, every conversation, every sales call, every piece of advice given, every customer problem solved, every new idea brought to market.

These qualities set us apart from the rest and challenge us to go beyond the normal. To be ambassadors for the Sterling promise to our customers.



We set and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct in our interactions with clients, partners, associates and each other. Together, we constantly seek to exceed the highest expectations on us through an on-going commitment to quality, delivery and continuous improvement in the way we work and serve our customers’ needs.
We will work on creating a common platform where our clients, associates and partners gain from a mutually beneficial relationship. Through this we are able to offer the best services, products and advice for the common success of all.


We will strive to maintain and grow the trust that has been given to us by our stakeholders and customers by acting with integrity, conducting ourselves in a professional manner, focusing on delivering value at every step and ensuring that we manage the resources and responsibilities given us in an effective and efficient way.
We will constantly be guided by a strong moral compass built on Asian values while delivering world class guidance, advice, products and services to our customers. This sense of integrity will be pervasive at every level of our organisation – from the way we talk to the way we deliver on our promises.

We are infused with a desire and a need to provide our customers with the best possible advice, guidance, products and services available to help them accomplish their business goals. Through this, our passion for their success helps ensure ours. This spirit and energy coupled with a dynamism, innovation and sophistication of thought and delivery, combines with a strong moral compass reinforces core business values and methods for our common good.
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